The Secure Processing Layer of Web3

New capabilities and use cases for blockchain and the real world


Nillion brings to life fast, permissionless, decentralized computation.

Nillion allows nodes in a decentralized network to work in a unique, non-blockchain, way. 

While Nillion represents a revolutionary leap from a predecessor technology known as Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC), unlike SMPC, network nodes do not have to communicate with one another. Unlike blockchain, nodes do not run immutable ledgers designed to store transaction data. 

Instead, new Nillion technology, called Nil Message Compute (NMC), is purpose built for decentralized secure storage and computation and thus opens up new use cases (on the Nillion native network), while also enhancing existing blockchains.

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Blockchain’s sibling—Nil Message Compute (NMC).

Nil Message Compute (NMC) allows nodes in a permissionless, decentralized network to compute information in a non-blockchain, secure and verifiable way without having to send messages to one another. 

Network nodes perform secure computations in a fault tolerant and decentralized manner at near client-server speed as there is no need for inter-node messaging. 

NMC thus holds the promise of fast distributed computation between trustless nodes with special non-blockchain properties such as Information-Theoretic Security and instant consensus.

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Decentralized nodes doing new (non-blockchain) things.

As the first fully decentralized, trustless, and permissionless NMC network for web3, Nillion ushers in a new era of decentralized use cases and computing.

The network will:

  1. Render both computational encryption and centralized storage of private data obsolete;
  2. Fundamentally change the way information is stored and processed;
  3. Serve as a Meta Layer that provides new and additional functionality to existing blockchains;
  4. Enable a host of new real-world applications on its native public network.
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Introduction to Nillion

Cambridge University, December 2021

Dr Miguel de Vega (Chief Scientist) presents Nillion at Cambridge University


Nillion Founders Panel Discussion

Soho House, January 2022

Supercharging Blockchains - The Crypto Deep Tech Frontier


Nillion on Hidden Forces Podcast

Hidden Forces Podcast, February 2022

Demetri Kofinas discusses Nillion with Dr Miguel de Vega


Expanding blockchain use cases using non-blockchain technology.

See Whitepaper for more details

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